William Ellis


5 Terrifying Realities Of My Job As A Cell Tower Climber

We've kind of learned to live with the fact that comfort is only possible thanks to the daily suffering of unseen strangers. Just think of your cellphone -- manufacturing it required who knows how many miners and factory workers working long, dangerous shifts. All so you have something to look at on the toilet.
Getting Too Close To A Cell Tower Will Cook Your Skin
It's The Most Dangerous Job In America
Maybe you've heard a little something about the deadly dangers of cellphones. Cell radiation, like all things, can cause cancer in rats, so some insist the only safe way to use a phone is to separate yourself from the headset with a lead-lined Magneto helmet. But the official scientific opinion on the matter, boringly, is "No, there's no evidence phones hurt you. C'mon, guys. Enough with this already." That means those of you hoping to fry your flesh with radiation will have to turn to something more powerful than phones. Like, for instance, the live antenna of a cell tower.

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