HI Line

For years now, I have stayed up into the wee hours of the night, chatting with various climbers who after a long day, were driving and having a hard time staying awake. We would chat about nothing in particular really, but just having someone on the other end of the line to help them fight the sleep, has been helpful.

In November 2019, after taping a Television interview where I talked about HIGH and my climber advocacy work, the producer, myself and the host were talking and I mentioned the road being a hidden danger that many people don’t talk about.

A few days later, the producer, Cynthia Krelick, contacted me and said that she had been thinking about our discussion and of ways that she could get involved. She recommended offering up her name, number and availability to climbers who needed someone to talk to when driving and sleepy. I loved the idea. I put out a call for action and to my surprise, many people volunteered to help.

The HI-Line, is a number that Climbers can program into their phones, to be routed to an available person to chat with. We are working on additional features, which we hope will be available in the near future.

484-416-6168 – Call US



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