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It was brought to my attention that many climbers aren’t trained in how to treat injuries.

Climbers get a lot of broken bones, deep lacerations and puncture wounds, yet the OSHA First Aid kits that are provided by the employers, do not address these issues.
Band Aids and gauze rolls can not stop bleeding or stabilize a broken bone. It would be great if crews were supplied with tourniquets, splints, wound packing gauze, chest seals, c-collars and other products that could actually save a life.

Climbers are often 50 plus miles away from a hospital or ambulance, especially on sites where there is no cell service due to the work that they’re doing.

We are putting together some first aid kits along with a few very short training videos on how to apply a tourniquet, for example, that will be featured here, on the HIGH THE MOVEMENT website.

Climbers do so much for us all to stay connected. We will continue to do our part in helping to keep them safe.

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