It was brought to my attention that many climbers aren’t trained in how to treat injuries.

Climbers get a lot of broken bones, deep lacerations and puncture wounds, yet the OSHA First Aid kits that are provided by the employers, do not address these issues.
Band Aids and gauze rolls can not stop bleeding or stabilize a broken bone. It would be great if crews were supplied with tourniquets, splints, wound packing gauze, chest seals, c-collars and other products that could actually save a life.

Climbers are often 50 plus miles away from a hospital or ambulance, especially on sites where there is no cell service due to the work that they’re doing.

We are putting together some first aid kits along with a few very short training videos on how to apply a tourniquet, for example, that will be featured here, on the HIGH THE MOVEMENT website.

Climbers do so much for us all to stay connected. We will continue to do our part in helping to keep them safe.

“Hello Tisha! I hope all is well. I have an angle of safety I’d like to see considered in our trade. Outside of preventing injuries, I’d love to see our guys and gals prepared to treat them. We have lots of broken bones, deep lacerations and puncture wounds. OSHA First Aid Kits provided by employers do not address these issues. Bandaids and gauze rolls cannot stop bleeding or stabilize a broken bone. I’d love to see crews carrying tourniquets, splints, wound packing gauze, chest seals and other products that can actually save a life when we are 50+ miles away from a hospital or ambulance, especially on sites where there is no cell service due to our work. I carry many of these items and more to keep my coworkers safe (I hope to God, I never need them), but I do it out of love. My employer doesn’t see these items as important enough to provide as many employers don’t. But, I will take it upon myself to do it. Anyway, it’s a topic you might be interested in.”
Received on Instagram On February 8, 2020

Boy was he right…..!

After receiving this message, I reached out to a number of climbers to get their thoughts on this topic. The consensus is, that there is a need, but the likelihood that these kits will be made readily available by employers, is slim to none. Not only was there concern that employers wouldn’t provide these safety items, but concern that climbers wouldn’t know how to use them.

I gave this matter much thought and consideration and wondered, what can I do to help.

I decided to reach out to my local fire department to see if they offered training on the proper way to administer a tourniquet, for example, and the kind gentleman who answered the phone directed me to The Director of EMS services for my county. I searched and found Dr. Brian Pasquale, but when I reached out to him by email, I got his out of office response.

To my surprise, he wrote me right back stating that he would be back in the office on Monday and that we could chat them.

I called Dr. Pasquele on Monday and explained who I am and my purpose for the call. He was intrigued. He put me on hold to grab the in-house doctor, Dr. Wang, and asked me to explain to them both what all tower climbers do, the safety concerns and what are my thoughts about the Safety kits.

After 45 mins, I secured a meeting which is schedule for Thursday, March 19th at 10:30 AM. Not only will Dr. Pasquale and Dr. Wang be in attendance, but their inhouse rescue team will also join.

We will work on a prototype for the Safety kits and also ideas for short 1 to 2 minute instructional videos on how to use the items in the kits.

This is HUGE!
This is AMAZING!

They asked if there were local climbers who would be interested in being a part of the process and I assured them I would try to get three or four climbers to participate.

My goal is to be able to gift these kits to crews around the world, but also to make them available to companies at a reasonable cost, so that they see the benefits of supplying them to their crews.

I will keep you updated on the process and our progress here on

When I say that HIGH isn’t just a movie, but a MOVEMENT, I mean it.

I’m not here to sell shirts and post climber selfies. I’m here because I believe that we all deserve to make an honest days pay and to make it home to our families. I will continue to do my part in ensuring tower climber’s safety is a priority.

XOXO, Tisha

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