Episode 1: "The Three F's (Facts, Figures & Family)

With technology growing at such rapid speeds, how does the small group of men and women who climb, keep up? What is the cost to them and their families?


Episode 2: "EXPRESS-way"

The road is an occupational hazard for tower climbers that no one talks about. This episode profiles the tragic death of Joshua Correa, a tower climber who died in a car accident, on his way to work in 2018..


Episode 3: "12 Day of Christmas"

This episode is inspired by the 12 days of Christmas. Presented are 12 facts about tower climbers that many people don’t know.


Episode 4: "While Daddy's Away...The Reinaldo Yosvel Saborit Story"

Cuban climber, Reinaldo Saborit, witnessed his best friend fall to his death while working on a tower in Cuba. He came to the United States looking for better opportunities, in hopes of being able to provide for his family back home. But what happens when in order to take care of your family, you have to be away from them?


Episode 5: "High Five"

Writer/Director and founder of HIGH the Movement, Tisha Robinson-Daly, reflects on 5 things that she is grateful for the ability to use, that wouldn’t be possible without the men and women who climb.


Episode 6: "They See YOU Now!"

This episode profiles 8 amazing human beings who support The Movement and continue to provide Tisha with platforms to advocate for tower climbers.